Real estate purchasing power is declining unveiled, on January 3, its annual assessment of real estate purchasing power in the twenty largest cities in France.In this regard, the year 2018 was calm."On average, the decline in the power of purchase of real estate between December 2018 and December 2017 was established at 1 m² for all twenty major cities in France, but this figure hides very strong disparities, ”explains Maël Bernier, spokesperson for purchasing power of real estate in each city for a loan comprising 1,000 euros of monthly payment over twenty years.

For this year, Le Mans posted a purchasing power gain of 19 m², while its neighbor Angers dropped 10 m², the biggest drop in the ranking.Next came Montpellier and Lyon, each losing 5 m² of purchasing power; Bordeaux, Rennes and Marseille which give up 4 m², Lille, Nîmes, Reims and Nantes give up 3 m².

In addition, eight cities hardly budge: Grenoble, Nice, Paris, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Dijon and Le Havre.In terms of earnings, only three cities have seen their real estate purchasing power appreciate, but at the With the notable exception of Le Mans, the improvement is minimal: an additional 2 m² in Saint-Etienne and an additional 3 m² in Toulon.

The most expensive Nice, Lyon, Bordeaux, Paris

Regarding the ranking of the most affordable cities, little change: Saint-Etienne still remains at the top of the ranking with 157 m² financable on the basis of a loan over twenty years with monthly payments of 1,000 euros, followed by Le Mans (126 m²) and Le Havre (107 m²), then Nîmes (100 m²), Toulon 5th (94 m²) and Angers (91 m²).Close the market Nice with 50 m², Lyon and Bordeaux tied with 45 m² and Paris, very far behind, with 21 m².

Posted Date: 2020-07-22

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